ROGUE DECLAN ZERO is a challenging, procedurally generated, roguelite twin-stick shooter for the Classic Amiga platform!

The wizards have been at it again, and this time they've accidentally opened Hellgates under the castle! Now it's up to you, brave, brave Sir Declan, to search each procedurally generated castle dungeon and find enough magical shards to access and close its gate.

Armed with a magical Caster Sword, potions you find, and perhaps the occasional legendary charm, Sir Declan must fight demons that escaped from the gate, avoid traps, and collect treasures to trade for battle enhancements, before finally facing the Hellgates themselves.

Brave, brave Sir Declan, how deep can you go?


System Requirements

Classic Amiga OCS
Kickstart 1.3+
512Kb Chip RAM
512Kb Other RAM

Widely compatible with most Amiga systems and emulators.

Press & Further Information

Please direct all enquiries to NIVRIG GAMES at [email protected]