John Girvin

John Girvin is a Respawned 80s Game Developer who got bored writing insurance software for other people and decided to misspend some more time in much the same way as he misspent much of his youth: making games.

Except this time not in 100% Assembly Language or on 8-bit home micros. Probably.

John created many free games for the 8-bit VIC-20 and Amstrad CPC systems, all of which are now unbelievably, sadly, and to his eternal pain and embarrassment, lost to time. They're real, honest, they just went to live on the special farm you can't visit.

In the 1990's, John created a few small games for the Commodore Amiga, then teamed up with his brother to make Turbo Tomato. "TT" was agreed to be published as a commercial release, but the Amiga games market imploded and the deal (and the publisher) fell apart. In 2020, John revived Turbo Tomato and you can follow progress on the NIVRIG GAMES blog.

After some time spent wandering, lost in the bleak post-Amiga wilderness, John finally released a 21st century update for one of those old Amiga games in 2014, under the banner of Six Echo Studios. Atoms was well received and currently rates five stars on the App Store.

Now, in between other things, John continues to work on his games, and he'd really love for you to play them. G'wan!

Contact John at [email protected] or on social media below.

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