Dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge and ... uh ... dodge!

Crazy high-speed endless thing-dodging in an 8-bit arcade style. You'll just have to have one more try!

Dodge the rocks and other projectiles coming your way for as long as possible. Dodge, dash, kick and smash your way out of tight spots to survive just one more wave of attacks. Discover and master advanced moves to rack up your bonus and climb the online leaderboards, before testing yourself against the next difficulty level. Are you ready for NIGHTMARE level? We don't think you are.

Dodgy Rocks. How dodgy can you get?


  • Difficulty levels to suit all abilities
  • Secret mechanics to discover and master
  • Global online high-score table for the best dodgers


Dodgy Rocks began as a Power Rangers(tm) fan game made for my son. It grew out of a game jam intended to create a game that the entire family could play. There was no theme other than it had to have simple controls, from which came the idea to restricting controls to left-right only, and thus the core dodging mechanic was created.

The game has been enhanced from the jam version to offer deeper mastery and gameplay to challenge even the most skillful gamers. But the core idea remains - dodge EVERYTHING!


John Girvin
Project Lead

Craig Smith
Graphics, Music

Amiga Port
Rob Cranley


Please direct all enquiries to [email protected]